You are not alone. Let's be the Mockingjay together and break through the echo chamber.

“Do ever feel powerless as no one is listening to you?”

You might be a student, a recent graduate, or a random person that mistakenly clicked in thinking it's related to the Hunger Games.

But no, in here we speak up.

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In here, you can express your opinions freely through posting articles or even just comments. We welcome all sides of stances and we need every single of you to speak up, making this place a safe haven for all.

No judgement, no resentment, we make amendment to the future.

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“Let more people see you and gain more attention!”

Great things start small and so do us. This is not a place for you to merely get information that you can read on Daily News or BBC, CNN. We offer alternative opinions and perspectives that you can't see elsewhere. With ideas in mind, we are more than welcome for you to write it down here and step out of our echo chambers. It does not need to be professional or political, it can be just your food of thought that pops up in your head.

Write it down ----- as we only live one life, and you wouldn't want your presence to be replaceable, ain't it?

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偉大的事情始於小事,而我們也是如此。在這裡,你不僅僅能獲得可以在Daily News或BBC,CNN上閱讀的信息。我們提供你在其他地方看不到的其他觀點。如果心裡有任何想法,我們非常歡迎你在此處寫下來,突破彼此的同溫層。不一定要是很專業的報導或政治分析,僅僅腦海中浮現出的想法也是個開始。